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Can you milk a Donkey ? - Lait D'anesse

Can you milk a Donkey?

Can you milk a Donkey? Technically speaking you can milk any mammal. It’s what defines us as a species, even the word itself is derived from “mammary”

Welcome to the wonderful world of Donkey milk. Yes Donkey milk, your heard/read right. The first thing that crossed my mind upon first sighting Donkey milk soap was, “WHY? Why would that be a thing?” Well despite seeming a little on the odd side, Donkey milk has some amazing quality’s, especially when added to soap.

First off it is amazingly gently and is loved by a wide variety of skin condition sufferers for its gentle and soothing effects. It is especially revered by people with eczema.

Not only has it had some famous advocates, Pope Francis and Cleopatra being among the most notable but it has some heavy traditional roots. It’s also an amazing moisturizer, again making it great for dry skin conditions and conditions that require a very gentle soap.

Marseille Soap natural with donkey milk

Not only has Hippocrates recorded Cleopatra taking her daily baths in it (Allegedly taking 700 hundred donkeys to fill.) but more recently modern scientists have been conducting studies into the white elixir of beauty. Finding that donkey’s milk works so well due to its proteins minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, bioactive enzymes and coenzymes which balances and nourishes skin while allowing for proper hydrations. Donkey milk is also 4 times higher in vitamin C than cow’s milk.

The Romans were very intuitive with Donkeys milk and they were very fond of using it due to the medicinal virtues that it offered. These philosophies have been adopted with modern cosmetic manufacturers.

We currently stock Donkey Milk Soap as part of our Savon de Marseille range. Savon de Marseille is typically very gentle on skin by itself due to its very basic traditional recipe’s. However the donkey milk soap is on a whole new field of play. It simply cannot be beaten for its delicate touch and moisturization.

Give it a try, it is surprisingly cheap and is amazing for a lot of skin conditions. If you know someone with eczema or similar skin condition? Get them to give it a go you will be surprised how something that has been around since 460 BC is so effective.

Just pamper yourself. You will struggle to find a more luxurious soap to brighten up your bath time.

Just as a final note. I would like to point out I have managed to right this whole blog without making any “ass” jokes, believe me that has taken a lot of restraint.

Have you tried it? Let me know you thoughts in the comments!