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Got Nuts ? The Indian washing Nuts phenomenon explained.

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I have now added an in depth Soap Nuts how to to the site.

So, many of you may remember the first time you heard of Indian washing nuts, if so I bet you remember that void of confusion amplified by the blank stare as you try and process what you just heard. I certainly do, I am fairly sure that I was stood there with my mouth slightly open for a while as I desperately tried to comprehend the subject matter.

If this is the first time you have heard of Indian washing nuts, I bet you are doing this right now.

But no, you heard right, Indian washing nuts, also known as soap nuts. They are a real thing and are berries from a shrub, the Sapindus shrub to be exact. Yup that’s right, a small tree that literally grows soap. So I bet if your anything like me you are now wandering “well that’s amazing, how is this not a big thing?” Well it sort of is, in India at least, they are just not widely known about in the west,,,, yet.

So it seems these magic “soap berries” are suddenly becoming popular here too and with bloody good reason. To start they are completely natural, I wasn’t joking or even exaggerating when I said soap nuts grow on trees, the berries contain a natural detergent and this detergent is also fairly effective, something akin to Aleppo soap. So to extract and utilise this amazing soap you have to use a chemical, at this point your probably thinking something like “Well that’s not natural anymore is it ?” Well seeing as that chemical is water I would disagree with you.

Eco Natural Products Indian Washing Nuts UK

So to make this “miracle soap” you need Soap nuts and water. Anything else ? well a cloth or sponge might help but that’s entirely up to you. (We do have natural sponges should you require one)

That’s it, with some soap nuts and water you have a completely organic soap, that is also well known for being not just very effective but also amazingly soft and gentle on your skin. So “Whats the catch, you must be thinking they must cost the earth?” Well you might expect a “Miracle product” like this to come with a hefty price tag. Well I bet you will be surprised, take a look at our Indian washing nuts here if you want see what the price tag is. I did mention they grow on trees right?

So what can you do with it?

Simple answer – clean stuff (duh). As its gentl its great as a face and body soap, its also makes a formidably shampoo. For those of you with a dislike for chemically dish soaps it can be used for all your domestic and household cleaning to, even the laundry

But please don’t just start hammering at your pots and pans with a handful of soap nuts, you’re more likely to start breaking stuff that way, I will do an article later about different methods but essentially you just soak them in water for a few hours and you have yourself a liquid detergent.