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How to be more Eco-friendly

Recently in our MAISTIC facebook competition we asked you, how YOU stay environmentally friendly, so we thought we'd share some of the best responses, along with some of our own.

Original post:

Here are some of your top tips:

- When leaving the beach, pick up 3 bits of litter that are not your own and dispose of them in a nearby bin.

- Always use reusable shopping bags (preferably biodegradable ones).

- Return excessive plastic to the supermarket via the delivery driver, when doing an online food shop.

- Grow your own fruit and vegetables.

- Use bar soaps, shampoos, and conditioners instead of liquids (often coming in plastic bottles).

- Buy fruit and vegetables from local markets, and ask for no excess packing if possible.

- Use old packaging for creative purposes e.g. using newspaper and loo rolls for arts and craft.

- Using vinegar and baking soda to clean surfaces.

- Research and buy products that come in recyclable packaging.

- Take a travel mug (and coffee) to work, instead of buying drinks out regularly.

- Use reusable makeup cloths, tissues, wipes etc.

- Re-use wrapping paper and turn cards into gift tags.

- Completely use a product before buying a replacement.

- Cycle to work or get the bus to reduce fuel emissions.

- Use recycled loo roll. 

Some of our tips:

- Try to cook as many meals from scratch. Not only is this cheaper and healthier, but you can selectively buy products with less packaging.

- Thoroughly rinse recyclables before placing in a recycling bin.

- Buy products in larger sizes to save buying multiple smaller sizes.

- Take any unused pills back to the pharmacy for safe disposable. 

- Recycle batteries at designated recycling points (can often find them in larger supermarkets). 

- Borrow books and films from your local library. Cheaper and more eco-friendly.

- Similarly, use video-streaming websites to reduce the number of physical copies (in plastic cases). 

- Buy body scrubs in packets rather than plastic tubs.

- Use an essential oil diffuser instead of room spray, these contain less chemicals and irritants.

- Use bath water (or rainwater from a water butt) to water your plants.

- Invest in a good organic coconut oil, as can be used as a makeup remover, moisturizer, and in cooking.