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How to make Shaving Soap/Cream for Free

Ever wonder what you can do with all the leftover bits of soap that are just too small to use. There are many ways you can use them and here is just one.

Whatever it is you are shaving you are going to need some sort of lubrication to stop shaving irritation. If like me you find shaving gel is rubbish and just a giant pain in the ass, you likely use shaving soaps. Last for a good amount of time easy to use and I just find they work better than the gels. However natural shaving soap is rare and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

Here is a simple (ish) way to make your own either using something relatively inexpensive such as Marseille soap. If you are a solid soap user you can use the leftover pieces that are too small to use and are left loitering in the corner of your shower soap tray.

Pro tip. This is a great gift idea, especially if you use a novel and interesting container.

This is a very basic recipe that you can elaborate on yourself, but works very well.

Here is what you need:

Solid soap:

You can use any leftovers you have, but it is also worth investing in something nice. Marseille natural Donkey Milk Soap. Is my first pick for this. Its super moisturising and calming, plus silky smooth so is an awesome base for shaving soap.


Alum comes in many, many, forms. Its essentially all the same for this purpose so just grab what you can. You can get Alum blocks and it alway a good investment. The most universal product in the world, cheap and lasts forever.

This serves to help the soap to foam (Especially in hard water areas) but as an astringent keeps you skin tight for a close shave. For all the magic things alum does check out this boring but informative post

Three things will be left at the end of the world - Cockroaches, Duck tape and remainder of that alum block you bought in 1943” - Me


I am using Essential oils. But you could use anything?! Just pop in some lavender, or anything else you imagination can come up with.


  1. Grind or grate desired amount of soap
  2. Add to pan on low heat and very slowly sprinkle with water (roughly ½ egg cup per bar) Note the amount of water will depend on the soap so just go slow and don’t over do it
  3. Continue until you have a very thick but smooth consistency
  4. Grind up alum
  5. Add alum and scents (+anything else) to the pan and mix thoroughly
  6. When ready, add soap while still warm to container and mould to desired shape
  7. Allow to cool (put in fridge if you want to speed this up)
  8. Use and enjoy