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Natural Aleppo soap. What it is and How to use.

So to start, Aleppo soap gets its name as it is made in Aleppo. Aleppo is the biggest city in Syria with a population of 2,132,100 it also makes it on of the largest cities in the Levant.

Aleppo soap is an incredibly old tradition with historical references going back as far and Cleopatra.

Najel Aleppo Soap 4% Laurel oil

So how is it made ?

Aleppo soap is made by "Hot Process" and the ancient tradition that is rigidly followed to this day.

The first step involves fresh Olive oil. it is mixed in a ground vat along with water and lye. This vat is heated by fires beneath it. It is slowly and carefully simmered in this vat for at least 3 days.

At this point it becomes a thick Liquid Aleppo soap.

This liquid Aleppo is mixed with laurel oil and then poured onto a waxed paper and allowed to harden. The individual soap blocks are then cut by hand ready for packaging.

What is it for ?

Aleppo soap has as many uses, as it has forms. Pressed into a block it can be used as body soap and is revered for its "gentleness" on your skin whilst still being a very effective soap. In liquid form it can be used for household applications and domestic cleaning. I have even heard of it being used for laundry, although personally I would recommend Indian Washing nuts for this.

Why does it have a %percent% ?

The percentage that is often written alongside or on Aleppo soap indicates its content of laurel oil. This is what gives it its scent and cleaning power and varies between 4% and 60%. Traditionally it come as 16% and if unsure that is where I would recommend you start and if it suits you then increase slowly. It’s a good idea to start with lower concentrations as in the higher concentrations it can cause redness.

Who What Why ?

We stock a variety of Aleppo products, From Traditional Aleppo soap to Najel Aleppo soap in many forms and variety’s. Just take a look here to start your own Aleppo Journey.

Traditional Aleppo Soap 60% Laurel Oil