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Our promise on plastic free


We are making a promise to you to help with reducing plastic packaging!

As you know plastic waste is becoming an ever bigger and bigger problem, having a huge impact on our environment and especially oceans. We have decided that we should also be doing everything we can to reduce this damage.

Plastic Free Shop

From now on, we are being far more critical of new brands that we decide to work with. Looking to work with, as much as possible, with plastic free or at very least low plastic brands.

This means there will be more plastic free brands coming, which will help you to reduce your plastic consumption. We may still choose to stock plastic products that are very durable and meant to be for long time use, thus not attributing to the waste crisis.

The Biggest problem we face is single-use plastic items. like straws, plastic cotton swabs, plastic bottles and other one-time use or short time use items and packaging.

We are helping you to help the planet

To make this as transparent and simple as possible, we have added a shiny new category to our site.

--"Plastic Free Shopping"--.

In there you will find all our plastic free products and 2 sub-sections:

100% plastic-free packaging – This is all products that are completely plastic free.

90-99% plastic-free packaging – These is products that are almost plastic free but not quite. Here are 2 examples of what these might be.

1, A glass jar with a metal lid, that has a small plastic seal on the underside of the lid. This we would consider an acceptable level of plastic use, but in the interest of full disclosure would be in the 90% free section.

2, Some plastic free brands have been known to use plastic in there shipping to us. If we find this, that brand will not be allowed into the 100% plastic free section even if there product themselves are. The only reason we accept this at all is because we recycle all these plastics ourselves. So you might find some bubble wrap pieces in our parcel BUT it is never us who purchase it, we only use environmentally friendly packaging.

You can find more information about our packaging choices here.

If you every find yourself with bubble wrap, we ask you to try and find a way to re-use it, for example for your parcels, wrap your valuable tools in it, or cover plants with it to defence them from frost, basically use it for anything that needs additional protection.

Some councils recycle bubble wrap, to find our if your does check this website