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Savon de Marseille - The ancient french secrets

What is Savon de Marseille?

So, Savon de Marseille translates roughly to soap of Marseille and as the name suggests it is the name given to any traditional soaps made in the province of Marseille. Savon de Marseille has a very rich history documented as far back as 1370

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What is in Savon de Marseille?

Marseille soap is made according to very strict traditional conditions. I is made from the sea water of the Mediterranean, olive oil, soda ash and lye. So similar to Traditional Aleppo soap it is region specific and follows an age old recipe.

Brief history,

1370, Yes that is the earliest documented soap maker. In 1688 King Louis began to legally regulate the making of Marseille soap to enforce strict quality controls around the original recipe. Meaning that the name “Savon de Marseille” can only be used for soaps that meet this criteria.


It is a very long and arduous process to make this soap and for it to earn the right to call itself “Savon de Marseille.” so naturally it is no surprise it is made in huge batches. For a bar of soap to get from the crisp waters of the Mediterranean Sea, to it earning its “Marseille badge of honour” can take up to a month.

Savon De Marseille raditional french soap

Traditional soaps

There are only really 2 recipes that fully follow tradition. The first is the better known Olive oil which is well known for its antioxidant protection and enhanced exfoliation. The alternative is the slightly lesser known Beige Palm Oil which is well-known for its “Magical” healing property’s helped by its very high levels of vitamin E.


Today there are also Savon de Marseille soaps infused in the making with rich Shea Butter and essential oils to give a luxurious scent. The shea butter helps with moisturizing and the essential oils as well as each having their own property’s add amazing aromatic experiences.

Me and Savon de Marseille

I am a huge fan of Savon de Marseille, it is easily one of my favourite and best used products from Eco Natural Products. I use it daily for body and face wash but the ones with shea butter are so rich they have replaced my shaving cream. Personally I prefer the scented ones but I will leave some links below for you to take a look and try them out for yourself.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts and experiences I would love to hear from you.

With shea butter and infused with:

Savon de Marseille - Fruit Scents

Savon de Marseille – Floral Scents

Savon de Marseille -Spa and Oils