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Sharpen up with Cactus

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Sharpen up with Cactus

Surprisingly the Cactus plant, though a little spikey and standoff-ish, is actually our friend!! But how?

Cactus Seed Oil

This prickly pair oil actually blows trumps to Argan Oil! It contains larger doses of the very same vitamins and antioxidants such as linoleic acid and vitamin E. Linoleic is a fatty acid that is essential in stimulating healthy cell production rejuvenating and smoothing any fine lines. Vitamin E helps skin skin retain moisture and work as a shield to your skin from the harsh battles it is put through in the day! Not only this, but cactus oil contains flavonoids, which are anti-inflammatory, so if you break out in spots, it can often help reduce swelling along with the harsh swelling of scratchy eczema too - multipurpose! The best thing about this oil is that even though it is so nutritious, it is light and absorbs well into the skin.

Read how doctors rate it:

"It soothes, hydrates, and reduces inflammation that damages collagen, explaining why it's used to prevent skin aging," Dr. Joshua Zeichner, dermatologist at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City

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Agnus Cactus

Agnus Cactus has been a herbal remedy around since the dawn time. Its well known for its ability to relieve those pre-menstruation symptoms and is an anxiety reliever.

How does it help? This fancy plant stimulates the release of Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and inhibit the release of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) creating a progesterone-like effect regulating your cycle. Clever hey?! Not only this but it has been proven to regulate the secretion of prolactin, by decreasing this excess it has been proven to benefit infertile women.

Again, because of this plants crazy hormone balancing skills, it’s an effective anxiety reliever. A study conducted in London showed a 60% group reduction or elimination of PMS symptoms such as anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia, or mood changes, from subjects who were taking dried Agnus Cactus capsules.

So next time we think of our friend the cactus as a spikey, we should be more thankful for their sharp mind. Who knows when they we might need their help?

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