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The Miracle of Aluminum, Osma Alum Bloc

Osma Alum Bloc and Other Alum Products and Uses.

Alum is a very cheap and universal product to have. It is also very long lasting for both use and shelf life. It is similar to cheap ballpoint pens. You can never Finnish one, you lose or break them first. But it doesn’t matter, you can just move onto the next one, they cost very little.

There are many brands and variety of Alum, Most commonly it is sold as a small solid stone or block but they also come as: styptic pencils, liquids, powder, roll up deodorants and I expect a few more that I have not found yet. Regardless of what form it is in it still more or less withholds the same properties but can make application for specific tasks a little easier.

Another great thing that come with Alum is that it is the epitome of basic natural products. With even the most natural soap etc they at least, have to be made of a combination of natural resources, to get the desired results. Alum is the salt of Aluminum and …… Nope that it just that. If you are really interested in the chemistry behind make Alum there is a video of a guy making it from a can at home here -
In-fact Alum production is so simple you can make it from a standard aluminum can using nothing but potassium hydroxide and sulfuric acid. Pretty cool right.

The versatility of Alum is also pretty impressive, its an antibacterial, coagulant and astringent which give it a great many uses. Deodorant, antipersparent, styptic after shave and a bucket load of other cool things.