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Wild Harvesting Warrior

Wild Harvesting Warrior

Often when you buy organic cosmetics, you don’t think where the herbs have come from, right? Buying organic is good, but if you want to be a super eco warrior, did you know you can better yourself by looking for wild harvested herbs?!

Surely herbs are wild harvested no matter what, as they are a plant, not true my friend. The definition of a wild harvested herb is a plant grown uncultivated, so no use of those nasty harmful substances, and only to be cropped through natural selection meaning only the most resilient, strong plants, rich in nutrients and active components, survive.

To be a wild harvest properly there are certain rules you must follow. The time of gathering should be aligned with the time of maximum accumulation of valuable nutritive and biologically active substances in the plant. If gathered prematurely, plant stock can’t be used for therapeutic purposes. Over the many years wild harvesting has existed, herbalists have invented their very own harvesting calendar. On the same spot, it is recommended to gather leaves every year, roots and root stock every 2-3 years, and some plants every 5-6 or more years in order for nature to accumulate lost reserves. The idea is that in doing so, there will be minimum impact on the environment, as the earth should re-stock the plant pantry, so to speak, naturally.

The second rule is the product must be fresh! Our wild herbalist take the nutrients in plants seriously so they are being used for their full value. The longer the plant is left picked, the more vital vitamins are lost weakening their unique properties and the quality of the medicinal properties of the products made.

So if you want to go the extra mile for your environment look out for wild harvested herbs, its one step closer to nature.

Why not try out our Natura Siberica brand, wild harvested herbs are loaded in each bottle…

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