What Are Soap Flakes?

What are soap flakes?

Soap flakes are shredded pieces of soap that have all kinds of uses. Because of the size of the pieces, the flakes dissolve well in water. Our soap flakes are pure Marseille soap, either vegetable or olive based.

What are the benefits of soap flakes?

Because soap flakes are just pure soap, they don't have any fragrance or other ingredients added, meaning they are good for cleaning just about anything! They are also free from colourants, economical and ecological so great for those trying to live more naturally and 'tox free'.

Our soap flakes are also zero waste! They arrive to us in large paper sacs and we then put them into smaller paper kraft bags!

Uses of soap flakes

Soap flakes have so many uses, but predominantly they are used for cleaning as they are oil free. You can make your own natural cleaning products at the fraction of a cost to buying them, including hand soap, laundry liquid and all purpose cleaner! Find recipes below :)

All purpose cleaner:

Dissolve soap flakes in some boiling water first, add remaining water and mix well. Transfer to a large spray bottle


Laundry detergent

  • 225g soap flakes
  • 225g baking soda
  • 450g soda crystals
  • 2 ltr hot (boiled) water

Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add the boiled water and stir to dissolve. When cool, store in a thick plastic or glass container


Liquid hand soap:

Add all ingredients to a pot, heat over a low heat until soap flakes dissolve, let cool and transfer to a container of your choice.


Washing up liquid

Put the water and soap flakes into a bowl and stir until dissolved. Cool to a lukewarm temperature then add the glycerin and optional essential oil. As it cools, it will form a gel-like consistency. Stir it mix up the gel and then slowly pour into a container of your choice. 


Liquid hand/body soap

Dissolve all the ingredients in a large pan over a low heat. Let the mixture cool and then transfer to containers of your choice. 

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