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Alum Block Stone 75g

Product Description
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Ideal for men shaving, no more bleeding

Reduce shaving irritation.

Made in France

Direction for Use: Wet the stone and apply it on the face after mechanical shaving or before electrical shaving.


The alum block (stone) is a natural crystal mineral of alum (potassium alum). 

The alum block (stone) is the original antiseptic aftershave which contains mineral salts that were originally used by the Egyptians more than four thousand years ago for its healing and antiseptic properties.

In France the alum stone is sell in the food stores, pharmacies or drugstores.

It has cosmetic uses :

-as a deodorant for body and foot
-as an aftershave treatment
-as styptic for minor bleeding from shaving

Properties and benefits of using the Alum Stone:

  • very economical, can lasts couple years (approximately 100g is enough for 3-4 years)
  • doesn't contain harmfull ingredients, is hyppoallergenic
  • Alum is astringent and mildly antiseptic.
  • Alum stone is slightly alkaline, which creates an environment unfriendly to bacteria
  • removes bacteria which causes odour
  • ideal for men and women
  • has no scent, doesn't leave stain on clothes and doesn't damage them
  • ideal for allergy sufferers
  • relieves bites/stings of insects
  • soothes sunburns
  • after shaving, depilation etc. relieve irritation and stops bleeding
  • can be use as a toner for acne skin - dries spots/pimples
  • helps remove herpes on mouth
  • removes smell on hands from garlic, onions, fish 
    (when you wash hands, rub the alum few times into hand)
  • Can also be applied to the feet for foot odour
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