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Compostable Food/Freezer bags 8 Ltr 12 per pack

Product Description

Compostable Food Bags

These compostable food bags are based on second-generation bio-plast PHA produced from plant residues in food production, that would otherwise be burned or otherwise disposed of. The bag does not contain any phthalates, Bisphenol-A, F, or S, nor other harmful chemicals or plasticisers used in traditional plastics. It is a requirement from the OK Compost HOME certification, which this bag and our other products hold. They are suitable for cold storage, freezing and at room temperature. They come in a box which makes it easy to find the right bag quickly and are marked with a ‘use before’ date as the compostable bag has a natural shelf life of 1 year. The bags are fully bio-degradable in your own compost bin and will make a rich soil, not damage the soil, so good for the environment. They are also good for your health as they are approved for contact with edible food. 

  • Used corn is organically grown and GMO-free
  • Phthalates and bisphenol/ BPA free
  • Fully compostable in home compost
  • Approved for food contact
  • Plastic free packaging

Indication: Food Storage

Direction for use: Suitable for cold storage of food, freezing and at room temperature. Ask locally if Maistic bags can be disposed with biowaste or must go residual waste. Don't use compostables as an excuse for littering in nature. If you wish to home compost Maistic bags, do it in closed, well nourished compost bin or container.

Ingredients: Patented compostable bioplastic

Sku: MSC2802
Vendor: Maistic
Maximum quantity available reached.

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