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Fito Natural Cosmetic Clay for Face/Body -White Anapa 100g

Product Description
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1 - Anapska Cosmetic Clay - White (With Silver Ions)

Anapska white clay is clay with high mineralization and is from the seaside. One of the most valuable cosmetic clays used to clean the skin . High mineralization clay favours the saturation of the skin with necessary microelements which allows more flexible skin. Natural clay has a property mild exfoliant (peeling substances) which effectively fight the tiny wrinkles. Clay tones the skin, whitens nourishes and refreshes the skin colour. Hair mask based on Anapska clay nourishes the scalp and stimulates hair growth, it also has anti-dandruff action.

2 - Valdai Cosmetic Clay - Blue (With Silver Ions)

Valdai blue clay mined in an ecologically clean region of Russia * thanks to the balanced composition of minerals and bioactive substances of natural its origin, it reduces fine wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, pigment and wonderfully cleanses the skin. Strong blue clay achieves visible effects of skin rejuvenation. Clay nourishes the skin, saturates the skin cells with essential substances, stimulates the regeneration of tissues, restores the skin's firmness and elasticity.

* Wald - plateau in Russia, in the north-western part of the East European Plain, roughly midway between Moscow and St. Petersburg.


3 - Cosmetic Clay From The Dead Sea - Black (With Silver Ions)


The black clay from the Dead Sea is an irreplaceable means to care for oily skin and acne. A unique set of minerals in the composition of the clay has a strong antiseptic, cleansing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Clay minerals regulate metabolic processes in skin cells, increasing the level of hydration, strengthen cell walls, protecting the skin against dryness and harmful environmental impacts. Deep activity clay from the Dead Sea refreshes and regenerates the skin.


4 - Cambrian Clay Cosmetic - Blue (With Silver Ions)


Blue Cambrian clay is the oldest on earth clay with mineral composition of the richest and most active action. Mask based on the Cambrian clay cleanses facial skin, regulates water and salt balance of the skin, promotes regeneration of the epidermis, shrinks pores, and improves facial contours and smoothes fine lines. Warm compresses using Cambrian clay reduce the appearance of cellulite, reduce subcutaneous fat deposits and restore skin firmness and elasticity.

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