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Granulated Green Clay 3kg

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ARGILETZ GRANULATED GREEN CLAY 3KG - poulices, plaster preparation

Granulated clay is a raw clay variety with a granule size of about 5/16 inch. Used for both poultice and plaster preparations, these pieces of finely ground green clay can be rapidly prepared to offer genuine comfort and bring effective relief for your body.
Product in compliance with the nature Argiletz® quality charter

Ingredients: Natural Illite compound. 100 % green clay, rich in minerals and trace elements.
Conservation: Store in a dry place. Keep away from freezing.Instruction for use: Dispense desired amount of clay in a earthenware or glass recipient. Cover with water (1/2inch). Leave to settle for 1 hour. Even out to obtain a creamy paste.
Plaster: apply 1/2-3/4inch of clay
directly to the sensitive area et leave on for 1 to 2 hours to take effect.
Poultice: dispense 3/4inch of green clay paste directly on a fine cloth.
Fold the 4 corners.
Apply directly to the desired area.
In both cases, remove a maximum of clay and dispose of it.
Rinse off with lukewarm water.
Do not allow clay to dry.

Bag of 3kg (6.7 lb) or 25kg (55.5 lb)

Sku: A0588
Vendor: Argiletz

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