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GZEL Ivan-and-Maria Hair And Body Thick Soap 300ml

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Natura Siberica GZEL Ivan-and-Maria Hair And Body Thick Soap

Limited edition! Gentle Care and Cleansing.
Ivan-Tea Extract, Organic Siberian Golden Root, Wild Black Mint and Organic Honey.

“Ivan-and-Maria” hair and body thick soap is made in accordance with traditional Russian recipe. It contains wild Siberian herbs, enriched with vitamins and microelements which are perfect for skin and hair gentle care. Nature endowed Ivan-Tea with health-giving power; it contains three times as much Vitamin C as lemon thereby it effectively protects your skin and hair against environmental impacts, tones and energizes them.

Wild black Mint Extract has antiseptic properties, thus helps to balnce hair and skin condition. Together with Organic Honey Extract it nourishes and softens skin while refreshing and calming it. In Old Russia Golden Root was ascribed to have magic therapeutic value. It regenerates and rejuvenates skin, making it more supple and elastic. It effectively strengthens hair and facilitates healthy hair growth.

“Ivan-and-Maria” thick soap brings beauty and care to skin, makes hair healthier and shinier.

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