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Superfoodies Organic Cacao Powder 100g

Product Description
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Cacao Powder

A pure, unrefined Raw Cacao powder that, unlike chocolate, contains zero sugar or milk.

This Raw Cacao powder is prepared from 100% certified organic Criollo Beans, which have been carefully cleaned and dried at low temperatures that account for only 1% of the total world Cacao production.

Has vitamins, minerals, fiber, and essential fatty acids and is antioxidant-rich.

Contains no caffeine, PEA (phenylethylamine), tryptophan, and serotonin.

Certified organic by "Organic Farmers & Growers", the UK’s leading government accredited organic certification body.

Our nibs are raw, organically certified, and handled with love all the way from the growers through us and to your customers.
Suitable for vegan and vegetarian.

Superfoods provide total nourishment for mind, body, and soul, from only the finest places on earth.

It is food in all its purity and that is grown entirely naturally.
This is food the way nature intended: packed with nutrients to give our cells what they require at the most fundamental level, for energy, balance, beauty, and a trim body.

These 100% natural has products high concentration of natural antibodies, these antibodies form the plant’s immune system, this is why these berries, beans, fruits, and seeds have been harnessed since time began for use as medicine and super fuel for the body, And by consuming superfoods, you’ll support your own immune system to help keep your body clean, healthy, and toxin-free.

Superfoods help you to recover balance in both mind and body.
Above all, they provide the energy required for optimum performance.

At Superfoodies our passion is to develop the nutritionally best food products in the world.

And we want them to taste good, too.

  • A pure, unrefined raw cacao
  • contains zero sugar or milk
  • suitable for vegan and vegetarian
  • dried at a very low temperature
  • with vitamins, minerals and fibre

    Direction for use: For your best recipes and smoothies

    Ingredients: raw and organic criollo cacao beans

    Sku: SF6398
    Vendor: Superfoodies

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