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Traditional Aleppo Soap Laurel 22% - 165g

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Traditional Natural Aleppo Soap 22%

100% natural, hand-made from laurel oil and olive oil, according to the old recipe.

Olive oil contains a set of nutritional vitamins that penetrate deep into the epidermis, help to maintain beauty and radiance. Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, provides protection against the adverse effects of weather conditions, environmental pollution and the passage of time. Vitamin A has a soothing effect on tired and irritated skin. Bay oil has antiseptic properties - it is used as a natural remedy, effectively reducing inflammation of the skin, facilitating wound healing, also helps to get rid of acne and dandruff. The combination of these two components allows the renewal of the natural protective coat of the skin, which is exposed to the harmful effects of skin irritating external factors.

Great for washing delicate hair and sensitive scalp. The cube divided into 2 parts is enough for a long period of use

Indication: Combination skin

Direction for use: Good for family, daily hygiene bath and shower, facial cleanser, washing baby clothes. Rub soap on wet skin, wash then rinse with water.

Ingredients: olea europaea, laurus nobilis oil, sodium hydroxide, aqua

Sku: EN3505

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