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Traditional Aleppo Soap Laurel Oil 16% - 190g Problematic Skin

Product Description
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Traditional Aleppo soap is made from olive oil and bay leaves, sodium hydroxide and water. This soap does not contain chemical additives, preservatives and colouring substances, it's made from natural ingredients, does not contain animal fats or chemicals. Usually only pressed oils are used. It is well known as first purest soap ever made.

The process of making Aleppo soaps is long and require time. The large blocks of soap are made by hand using traditional method, these soaps are cut into blocks and stamped with the mark of manufacturer. After soaps are set out to dry for a period of 6 to 9 months. Aleppo soap is so mild, gentle, moisturizing and natural that it can be used on adults, babies, small children and even pets. After each use your skin will feel refreshed. Laurel oil has antiseptic properties. It's known as stronger disinfectant, it regenerates skin and it has purifying properties which help sooth sensitive skin. Some people might find them helpful with their skin condition like eczema, irritated sensitive skin, acne or rosacea. It's good for skin with allergies because it is 100% natural and does not contain any irritants. It tones, stimulates and brightens skin complexion. It’s recommended for all skin types. Good for family, daily hygiene bath and shower, facial cleanser, washing baby clothes. The soap is very economical, 1 bar of 200g will last for long.

INGREDIENTS: olea europaea, laurus nobilis oil, sodium hydroxide, aqua.

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