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Treasures of Native Russia Clay- Sea of Azov

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1 - Clay White Cleansing Crimean

Clay White Crimean cleaning: Crimean clay - an ancient remedy for health and beauty of the skin and is comparable in its properties to the clays of the Dead Sea. With exceptional absorbent, white clay absorbs impurities from the skin, reduces shine and gives a pleasant sensation of freshness. Crimean clay - a highly effective natural remedy for cleansing, toning and returning a healthy complexion and body!

2 - Clay Blue from Lake Baikal

Clay Rejuvenating Blue Baikal: Baikal clay - a natural source to maintain the natural beauty and health. Blue clay is an excellent cleanser and exfoliator, strengthens the processes of regeneration of skin cells. Wraps of blue clay normalize cellular metabolism and serve as an effective tool in the fight against aging skin. Baikal clay - irreplaceable natural remedy to preserve the natural beauty and youthful skin!

3 - Clay Blue from the Sea of Azov

Clay blue toning Azov: Clay Azov coast - a fountain of youth for you and your skin. Contained in the set of blue clay minerals provides intensive care for the skin, smoothes fine lines, tones and improves elasticity, preservation of moisture. Regular use will give your skin soft and velvety, preserve the beauty and attractiveness for many years!

4 - Clay Black volcanic Kamchatka Clay black volcanic

Kamchatka firming: Thanks to the high content of iron, silicon, and hydrogen sulfide, Kamchatka Volcanic clay has a positive effect on cell metabolism and stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, nourishes the skin with nutrients, moisturizes, tones and tightens it. Baths with Kamchatka clay - the best way to relieve tension and stress after a busy day. After using the Kamchatka clay, the skin will look fresh, well-groomed and toned!


Indication: For all skin types

Direction for use: Mix clay with warm water, stir until creamy consistency. Apply for 5-15 minutes. Use 2-3 Times weekley, For external use only

Ingredients: 100% Natural Black/Blue/White Clay

Sku: FT3507

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