Aloe Vera Uses (Tips and Recipes)
Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Uses (Tips and Recipes)

What is Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera know as A. Vera very often seen on the ingredient list as Aloe barbadensis. 

Aloe Vera is evergreen perennial plant, known from centauries as a help with skin conditions and digestive health concerns.

Sunburn Helper and Aftersun

Well know to soothe our skin from burns, it moisturises the skin, it creates a protective layer an it also can speed up the skin healing process. It is a must have for Summer Holiday Aid Kit - great aftersun !

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DIY Hand Sanitiser



In the mixing bowl or measuring cup (Pyrex likewise) add alcohol, aloe vera gel and essential oils, stir until you will see all are combined together. 

Optional to thick your hand sanitiser add xanthan gum gradually, be careful as it might create a lump in your mixture, for the best result use sieve like the one for flour and whisk the whole mixture. 

Pour the liquid to a small bottle or a bigger pump bottle.



DIY Skincare Face Cleanser

Simple face cleaner recipe for a home use, easy and quick, takes about 5 minutes to make :)



Face wash for sensitive skin with lavender essential oil

Aloe Vera Face Cleanser

Aloe Vera Honey Face Cleanser

Combine all ingredients into a bottle using funnel, screw the lid or pump and shake well to combine. Alternative, mix all in a small bowl and transfer to a bottle later.

Use: Rub the face cleanser into your skin with circle massage movements, avoid the eye areas, rinse with water. You might need to shake the bottle well before each application.


Digestive Helper

 Aloe vera has couple of enzymes which are know to help breakdown sugars and fats, those enzymes also helps to keep digestion process going through smoothly. 

Aloe Vera contains also polyphenols as other powerful antioxidants like vitamin A, C and E.

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