About Eco Natural Products

About Eco Natural Products - the brand story!

Hey there! The company, Eco Natural Products is passionate about addressing climate challenges and making a positive impact, it is one of my key values I always wanted to contribute more than just in personal life. I'm coming from Poland, and I was tough to save anything what could be re-used, repurposed, or donate to someone who would make a use, it was not only due to savings but also a strong awareness about environmental impact thanks to my mum, and strong awareness about people in needs. Everything there was worth and had value for someone else if wasn't anymore worth and valued to you.

  I also wanted to do something what will support people in the health and lifestyle. When I was still in Poland I had a strong interest in cosmetics, when I came to the UK, I have started to wonder what is inside the bottle and take my time to study ingredients, I invested my time in reading studies including the science based articles, books, sites with opinions of professors and doctors, and I used my knowledge about chemical structure of particles.

  I was shocked! There were so many synthetic sourced ingredients in products I liked and I was using. According to what I found, there is 1000's and 1000's of ingredients allowed to be in cosmetics and food which are considered "safe" without studies on the long effect to the human body. This happened due to a boom of the growth in the pharmaceutical industry, it was happening very quickly, new lab created chemicals were born, which were then tested in the labs to be considered as safe, but they were not tested how they affect the human body in the longer time. The commercial use of the new synthetic ingredients were so beneficial and cheap for manufactures that nobody really cared about long term of usage whether it was a consumption or by long term application on our skin. Remember, what goes to your skin, also goes to your blood stream.

  I believe the ingredients in food and cosmetics should not impact our health and wellbeing. This is way I took a step and searched products which are natural, without the harsh synthetics. My first relation which I built was with an owner of manufacturing company crafting soaps in France, there is common conception that soaps dry out your skin, and that is because a harsh chemical called SLS. The soaps they make are very kind to the skin and their manufacturing practises are environmentally friendly which have a huge value to me. This prompted me to found the brand Eco Natural Products. I started from a small pallet order which then turned it to expanding the ranges with each of my next orders. I used my saving from my day work, previous overtimes and invested it to purchase stock. After my day work I packed orders and send them from a local post office. I was reinvesting constantly the profit and this helped me to grow and take on first person to help the business growth further. I knew there is a need for a place to supply natural alternatives and make it more accessible to people like me, who are searching better health and wellbeing. 

This was over 10 years ago and I'm excited to be nearing the fulfilment of my 1,000,000th order!

  I'm so proud to influence the environmental footprint and selecting the brands with natural safe ingredients in cosmetics, our household products and the most important in our food, by making it accessible to people.

Each of your order contributes to making the positive changes, whether is due to improving your lifestyle, health or natural living, your orders and feedback I get are very encouraging to continue what I started. 

 Aga - the founder.


Our dedication to orders fulfilment:

  When you place an order with us, you're not just receiving a package; you're experiencing our commitment to the planet and to the personal touch. We lovingly pack each order with recyclable materials, including paper fillers, and we're proud to incorporate materials donated by our thoughtful customers - coming from their home relocations or previous online purchases. It's a beautiful cycle of sharing and caring.

  Moreover, we bring a personal touch to reusing packaging from our stock deliveries, ensuring that each parcel you receive has a story of sustainability behind it.

  Our shipping process is more than just sending goods; it's about sending values. We use biodegradable packaging and fillers, embracing the circular economy not just as a practice, but as a community effort in respecting our environment. In addition, a tree is planted with each of your order!

  These practices, steeped in sustainability and human connection, are the heart and soul of what we do. Every package sent is a testament to our shared journey towards a greener, more compassionate world.


Our dedication to lowering CO2 emission: 

In addition, our warehouse and shops are powered by 100% renewable energy, demonstrating our dedication to a greener future and contribution to lowering the CO2 emission massively!

We're also proud to partner with Switch 2 Zero, a leading organisation in the fight against climate change.


With every order you place, you are helping to create a new tree through our partnership withSwitch 2 Zero, which replaced our previous tree planting with Ecologi. 

It's our way of giving back to the planet and offsetting our carbon footprint.

We've written an interesting blog post about our relationship with Switch 2 Zero - the process, and how your purchases help plant new trees!