Eco Natural Products turns 10

Eco Natural Products turns 10

This month, Eco Natural Products celebrates a truly marvellous milestone – our 10th anniversary!

For 10 years now, we have been carefully sourcing fantastic products to help people live a more sustainable, greener, better quality of life.

We caught up with the founder of Eco Natural Products, Agnieszka, to reflect on reaching such an incredible anniversary.


"I wanted to make a difference"

“I started the business because I wanted to make a difference,” says Aga.

“I soon realised that there were a lot of people out there who were just like me – they wanted affordable, ethically sourced products that would help promote a greener way of living.”


Aga, founder of Eco Natural Products

 Aga, founder of Eco Natural Products

'One million orders'

Eco Natural Products has come a long way over the course of 10 years, from very humble beginnings to now nearly completing an incredible one million orders!

“My first stock room was the size of a wardrobe,” said Agnieszka.

“It’s incredible to think how far we have come, but the hard work doesn’t stop here. Eco Natural Products will continue to source products from around the world to help support those wanting to live a greener lifestyle.”

“Year-on-year we’ve seen increased interest in organic and natural products due to more and more people becoming conscious shoppers.

"People want good quality, ethically sourced products that help them live a better-quality life.

“That pattern is repeating across our whole range, including food and drink, beauty and skincare, toiletries, health, household, parenting and baby, and also our aromatherapy products and supplements.”


'Incredibly proud'

At Eco Natural Products we’re all incredibly proud of the number of people that we’ve helped on their journey to living a greener, better life – and to reach one million orders will be another cause for celebration!

“To reach one million orders is something I couldn’t have dreamed about 10 years ago. We have a fantastic, knowledgeable and experienced team at Eco Natural Products, and this milestone is testament to them and their hard work,” said Aga.


'Special offers'

Throughout April, we will be celebrating our anniversary with a range of great discounts and special offers.

Later this year, we’re also launching some great initiatives to help all of us on our journey to a greener, better future.

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