Marseilles soaps: Discover our Top Five Spring Scented Soaps
Marseilles Soaps

Marseilles soaps: Discover our Top Five Spring Scented Soaps

Marseilles soaps: Discover our Top Five Spring Scented Soaps

There’s nothing quite like the promise of spring following the short, dark days of winter.

Fresh, cleansing scents fill the air – cherry blossom, lily of the valley, cotton flowers, orange flowers and jasmin – all fragrances that feature in our Top Five Spring Scented Soaps!


You're missing out!

If you’ve not yet discovered our range of Marseilles artisan soaps, then you really are missing out on something special.

Consisting of ingredients which are at least 95% natural origin, these lovely handmade soaps are entirely biodegradable, not tested on animals and have zero waste packaging.


Embrace fantastic fragrances

What’s more, these beautiful soaps are not just great for skin but also better for the environment.

Being bar soaps, as opposed to liquid form, means they weigh less and are easier to transport – resulting in a reduction of CO2 impact.

Let’s explore the Eco Natural Products Top Five Spring Scented Soaps and enable our skin, and bathrooms, to embrace the fantastic fragrances of spring!


1. Jasmin


 Jasmin soap


This beautiful, handcrafted soap, with its irresistible scent and hydrating organic shea butter is a wonderful treat for the body and mind.

Ideal for daily use, this superb spring-scented soap consists of 95% natural ingredients, is entirely biodegradable and not tested on animals.

It’s also environmentally friendly, and arrives unwrapped, with no plastic packaging used.

Take a look – and feel the freshness!


2. Muguet (Lily of the Valley)

Lily of the Valley Marseille soap


Now here’s a fabulous fragrance that’s long been associated with spring and thoughts of those warmer, longer days just around the corner.

Displaying a delicate, flowery fragrance and possessing moisturising properties of organic shea butter, this superb handmade soap is ideal for daily use and is sure to have a positive impact on both tired bodies and fatigued minds!

Take a look – and embrace longer days ahead!


3. Cotton flowers

Cotton flowers soap

Another of our best-selling soaps, the fresh, floral fragrance of this fantastically fresh soap will ensure a cleansing, revitalising shower-time experience.

Enriched with moisturising organic shea butter this lovely soap will help to nourish and hydrate your skin.

We adore the perfume of this spring-scented soap – and we know you will too!

Take a look – your skin will thank you for it!


4. Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom Marseilles soap


Enriched with moisturising organic shea butter and displaying a delicate, sweet scent, this beautiful handmade soap will leave skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

Gentle and calming, this gorgeous artisan soap is ideal for daily use and is without doubt a bathroom must-have.

Take a look – divine for both body and mind!


5. Orange flowers

Orange blossom soap


We. Love. This. Soap. Well, we love all of the Marseille soap range – but this one we really, really love.

Foamy and creamy, the sweet and pleasant scent of orange flowers really comes through in this charming handmade soap.

Enriched with moisturising organic shea butter to hydrate and moisturise skin, this fabulous soap also makes a lovely little wedding gift – as in ancient times a bride would always wear a wreath of orange blossom!

Take a look – and fall in love!


Discover your own favourite scent of spring

Explore our complete range of wonderful Marseille hand-crafted soaps and discover your very own favourite spring scent.


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