Marseilles soaps: Top Five Summer Scented Soaps!
Marseilles Soaps

Marseilles soaps: Top Five Summer Scented Soaps!

Discover our Top Five Summer Scented Soaps


Marseilles artisan soaps are well known for their beautiful and creative perfumes.

Hand-crafted in a process overseen by a soap-making master, these lovely soaps consist of ingredients that are at least 95% natural origin and treat skin with kindness and care.

They are also entirely biodegradable, not tested on animals, and have zero waste packaging. 

And because these wonderful soaps are in bar form, as opposed to liquid, they are also better for the environment and help to reduce CO2 impact by weighing less and being easier to transport!

Summer - all year round

What's more, these beautiful soaps are not only great for skin – their fragrances can also help transport the mind!

The team here at Eco Natural Products has been busy selecting our Top Five Summer Scented Soaps – which is no easy feat when there are more than 100 different perfumes available.

Take a look below at our choices – and let us know if you agree!



1. Monoi



Hand-crafted in the workshops of Marseilles, France, this wonderful soap with its subtle scent of monoi will awaken memories of summer holidays and relaxed times.

Consisting of 95% natural ingredients, this lovely soap, with its delicate, exotic and captivating scent is also enriched with organic shea butter to hydrate and nourish skin.

Take a look at this wonderful soap – and bring on the summer!


TIP: Be like Cleopatra - this beautiful summer scented soap is also available enriched with organic donkey milk.


2. Lavender Flowers


Marseilles soaps - Lavender Flowers


Close your eyes and imagine the relaxing, warming scent carried on a gentle breeze, rising up off the lavender fields of Provence – ah, summertime bliss!

This remarkable handmade soap contains lavender petals and lavender essential oil, ensuring a relaxing, calming bath or shower-time experience.

Made with 95% natural ingredients, this delightful soap is also enriched with organic shea butter to make your skin feel truly loved.

Take a look at this beautiful soap – and transport the mind to the warming sun of southern France!

TIP: The timeless scent of lavender can also be found in this lovely soap, and this beautiful version – which contains organic donkey milk.


3. Mojito


Marseilles soap - Mojito


Can anything be better the long summer evenings spent sipping cooling cocktails or mocktails, chatting and laughing with family, friends and anyone else who pops by for a refreshing drink?

If there was ever a soap for evoking thoughts of sizzling summer evenings, then this wonderful mojito-scented soap is it!

Exfoliating, minty, and enriched with moisturising organic shea butter, this lovely, handmade soap is a remarkable creation. Consisting of 95% natural ingredients, this superb, summer-scented soap is also great for skin.

Take a look – and embrace those sociable, summer evenings.


4. Wildflowers


Marseilles soap - Wildflowers


Of course, lazing around on a hot beach or chilling by a cooling swimming pool isn’t for everyone!

Evoke thoughts of nature and memories of those lovely long walks through a summer’s meadow, brimming with life and sweet, scents of beautiful wildflowers, with this delightfully and delicately scented handmade soap.

Consisting of 95% natural ingredients, and enriched with organic shea butter, this beautiful soap not only smells fantastic, but it’s also great for skin.

Take a look – and a bring back memories of those wonderful walks of summer!


5. Melon


Marseilles soap - Melon


This marvellous artisan soap is a firm favourite with the team here at Eco Natural Products.

The fruity, summery scent of this lovely soap will bring back memories of those peaceful picnics, taken in quaint countryside spots – the distant sound of a babbling brook, and a full stomach, encouraging an afternoon siesta!

This fantastic soap consists of 95% natural ingredients and is also enriched with moisturising organic shea butter – to leave skin feeling nourished and hydrated.

Take a look – one of our fruity, summertime favourites.


Discover your own favourite scent of summer

Explore our complete range of wonderful Marseille hand-crafted soaps and discover your very own favourite scent of summer.


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