Plastic Free July 2023

Plastic Free July 2023

Today marks the start of Plastic Free July, a month-long campaign that is designed to encourage people to make a conscious effort to minimise their plastic consumption and adopt eco-friendly alternatives.

Since 2011, the campaign has been encouraging people to reduce their plastic use - and the movement has inspired an incredible 100-million-plus participants in 190 countries!


What can we do?

The official Plastic Free July website has a wealth of resources to help us all reduce our plastic use, from suggesting alternative plastic-free products to better communication to help people understand how they can make a difference.


More resources

As well as providing tips, advice and knowledge, the Plastic Free July website also has a wide range of promotional resources, including social media images, posters and videos, to help spread the word and encourage your friends and community to take part



Plastic Free July 2023



Take the challenge!

Take the challenge this July, and let’s all work towards cleaner streets, oceans and beautiful communities.


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