Veganuary & Eco Natural Products: Supporting you this Veganuary

Veganuary & Eco Natural Products: Supporting you this Veganuary

Veganuary & Eco Natural Products: Supporting you this Veganuary

If you’re trying Veganuary for the very first time, or looking to discover more fantastic vegan-friendly products, then Eco Natural Products is here to support you.

Read on to discover the answers to some common questions when it comes to living a vegan lifestyle!


How should I prepare to try vegan?

Take it easy is our advice! Going vegan isn’t a competition, it’s a personal lifestyle choice based on your reasons for wanting to live a plant-powered lifestyle.

However, it’s helpful to understand what going vegan means in terms of your body - and when transitioning to a vegan lifestyle it’s important to understand your nutritional needs.


The importance of supplements

Try and research the importance of protein, vitamin B12, omega fatty acids, iron and iodine, why your body needs them – and the suitable replacements available.

The NHS website has a good range of advice on getting the right nutrients from a vegan diet.

When it comes to finding the right nutritional products, some of our best-selling include:


Vitamin B12 500 µg - 50 Vegetable Capsules

Vitamin bottle.



Engevita Yeast Flakes with Vitamin B12 

Yeast flakes



Vegan Iron Bisglycinate 90 Tablets

Iron tablets



How should I prepare for meal time?

Planning is key when it comes to trying vegan for the first time.

The Veganuary website has some great mealtime information to help you, but it may also be useful to create a weekly meal planner so you know what to shop for and what you will be eating.

It’s also worth stocking up on some of those store cupboard favourites.

Our extensive range of vegan-friendly products features some fantastic kitchen cupboard must-haves, with popular favourites including:


Mr Organic Chilli and Garlic Vegan Pesto 

A jar of pesto.



Activated Almond Milk 1L

Vegan-friendly milk.



Freee Plain Gluten Free White Flour

Packet of flour.


What’s the easiest way to find vegan-friendly products?

That’s an easy one to answer!

Save yourself the time and effort of searching supermarket shelves and reading labels on products to determine if something is vegan-friendly or not by shopping our fantastic range of plant-powered products!


Any other Veganuary tips for me?

It’s important to take things at your own pace, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Once you feel ready, start expanding your knowledge of vegan-friendly products.

These can include everything from household items such as laundry bleach, toothpaste and toilet tissues, to sanitary products, hair colours, and even make-up.

Explore our full range of Vegan-friendly products and discover you new favourites!

Also, don’t forget to reward yourself with some vegan friendly treats from time to time (the Vego Fine Hazelnut Chocolate Spread is a firm favourite in the Eco Natural Products office!).


Helpful vegan resources

There are some wonderful resources to help you on your vegan journey.

Our favourite websites include:


Keep us informed!

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