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Abakus Food Cheese Flavour Seaweed Crisps - 18g

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Cheese Flavour Seaweed Crisps

These are Cheese flavoured (vegan) Seaweed crisps.

The Seaweed crunchy texture and tantalising flavour makes them irresistible and a great snack for adults or children.

Seaweed crisps with a real crunch! Our scrumptious Seaweed Crisps are made of seaweed harvested from the deep blue seas of South Korea and coated with a thin layer of crunchy Tapioca to create the crunchiest Seaweed snack.

These yummy crisps are made without any nasties and are gluten-free, vegan, and only contain about 100 calories per bag.

Harnessing the power of natural foods, the Seaweed Crisps combine nutritious Seaweed with wholesome Tapioca to offer a snack with health benefits.

Seaweed is known for its Vitamin and Mineral content, and is a source of Iodine which helps support cognitive function and functioning of the nervous system.

Tapioca, extracted from the roots of the cassava plant, is a "resistant starch" which feeds the friendly gut bacteria to the gut, thereby reducing inflammation and increasing fullness.

You can enjoy this guilt-free snack as part of your lunch, as an afternoon pick-me-up, in lunch boxes, to take on travels, and it can be even enjoyed sprinkled on salads and soups to add flavour.

  • gluten-free and vegan
  • a snack with health benefits
  • combine seaweed with tapioca
  • is a great source of vitamins
  • combine seaweed with tapioca

Indication: For Snack

Direction for use: Enjoy best snacks

Ingredients: tapioca (39%), seaweed (nori) (28%), non-GMO corn oil, rice, nutritional yeast, sea salt

Sku: ABF5921
Vendor: Abakus Foods

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