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Aloe Vera Tea Tree Fennel Toothpaste 100ml

Product Description
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Aloe Vera Tea Tree Fennel Toothpaste

An intriguing fluoride-free toothpaste containing no artificial sweeteners, flavourings, colourings or preservatives, that is gluten free and GM Free.

Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and, because it contains no mint, for those taking homeopathic treatments.

Kingfisher is the UK’s leading natural toothpaste.

we use Natural Ingredients like real Fennel, real strawberries and real peppermint, and Kingfisher tastes delicious

  • contain no artificial sweeteners
  • is gluten free and GM free
  • is gluten free and GM free
  • for those taking homeopathic treatments
  • contains no mint

Indication: Dental care

Direction for use: Use a pea sized amount for supervised brushing to minimize swallowing

Ingredients: calcium carbonate, glycerin, aqua, sodium lauryl sulfate, hydrated silica , cellulose gum, melaeuca alternifolia, oeniculum vulgare, aloe barbadensis, limonene.

Sku: KF2894
Vendor: Kingfisher

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