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Black Garlic Cloves 50g

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Black Garlic Cloves

Our mild Black Garlic cloves are the essence of umami, adding depth and richness to any dish or a delicious treat for a healthy snack.

Our Original Black Garlic is carefully chosen, high-quality raw Garlic that has been expertly aged using nothing but heat and moisture for a long time.

The result is delicious sticky Black Garlic, which provides a fantastic flavor in the kitchen or as a healthy and tasty snack.

Once Aged, Black Garlic is totally different from raw Garlic, offering a much milder flavor, but with enormous complexity and depth, a sweet-salty umami flavor, and tasting notes of molasses, balsamic, tamarind, caramel, dates, and much more.

No additives, no preservatives just 100% Black Garlic magic with twice the antioxidants of white garlic and absolutely none of the after smell.

Indication Use: Add it to your best recipe.

Ingredients: aged garlic free from preservatives

Sku: BBG0008

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