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White Patterned Buckwheat Husk Pillow

Product Description
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Buckwheat husk pillows provide excellent support and positioning of the head and neck while sleeping or resting. The husks are quite firm and can mould to the body without sinking or compacting too much.

They are traditionally used in Japan and are popular for their claim to ease tension and strain through better spinal alignment. Through better posture during sleep, buckwheat husk pillows may also help to improve snoring.

Our pillows come in a vibrant, patterned cotton case.

Indication of use: For sleeping or resting

Directions of use: Use as you would your current pillow. Can be used as your main sleeping pillow or as a head and neck support whilst resting. Only wash the pillowcase, not the buckwheat husk pillow itself.

Approximate pillow dimensions: 38cm x 29cm x 4cm 

Sku: EcoBombspillow
Vendor: EcoBombs

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