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Cystone 100 tablets

Product Description


Prevents stone formation in the urinary tract.
Normalizes acidic urine and relieves burning urination.
Reduces pain and inflammation.
Has antibacterial action.
Cystone treats stones in the urinary tract, and recurrent urinary tract infections.

Cystone inhibits stone formation by
Reducing the concentration of stone forming substances in the blood and expelling them from the body.

Breaking up stones by acting on mucin, a gummy substance which binds particles together.

Normalizing acidic urine.

Reducing oxidative stress, which is implicated in urinary stone formation.

Cystone's antibacterial action along with its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving and urine pH normalizing actions prevent stone formation in the urinary tract and provide relief from pain and burning urination associated with urinary stones and urinary tract infections.


Prevent and treat urinary stones.

Prevent recurrence of stones after surgery.

As an aid in preventing recurrence of urinary tract infections.

Aid in treating burning urination.

  • normalizing acidic urine
  • reducing oxidative stress
  • urine pH normalizing
  • with natural ingredients

Indication: For urinary tract treatment

Direction for use: One tablet twice daily.

Ingredients: ginger (zingiber officinale), shilapuspha (didymocarpus pedicellata), pasanabheda (saxifraga ligulata), indian madder (rubia cordifolia), umbrella's edge (cyperus scariosus), prickly chaff flower (achyranthes aspera), sedge (onosma bracteatum), purple fleabane (sahadevi), lime silicate calx (badrashma bhasma), mineral pitch (shilajeet)

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