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Tranquility Tea 15sachets

Product Description
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A calming herbal infusion with Limeflowers and hawthorn Berries to bring a wave of serenity is naturally caffeine-free tea.

Our functional teas were created purely to improve health and wellbeing whilst being pleasant to drink, as our teas are functional, and created for wellbeing, this means our herbs are of the highest quality medicinal grade, we like to call these our "Active Botanicals".

Our Active Botanicals are herbs of the highest quality medicinal grade, picked from the most prized part of the plants, with the most essential oils, which means the most aromatic, flavourful, and beneficial tea possible.

Directions for use: Use one bag for a cup, and two for a mug, pour on freshly boiled water, and allow the tea brews for a good four or five minutes the active botanical need this time to release all their valuable essential oil, cover the mug while brewing or use a little teapot to keep even more goodness in.

Ingredients: lime flowers (35%), hawthorn berries (35%), yarrow, fennel, skullcap

Sku: DRS0022
Vendor: Dr Stuart's

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