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Eau Good Duo Water Filter & Infuser Blue 700ml

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Eau Good Duo Water Filter & Infuser

A filter water bottle that uses a traditional Japanese Binchotan charcoal to make your tap water taste great and also doubles up as an infuser. It may seem counter intuitive to purify your drinking water with a stick of charcoal, but the Japanese have been doing it for centuries. Binchotan is an active carbon made from tree branches and is renowned for its ability to soften water, add good minerals and absorb unwanted tastes and odours, such as chlorine. This bottle is BPA free, leak proof, easy to clean and can be put in the top rack of the dishwasher. Includes x1 Binchotan active charcoal filter (6 months life).

  • binchotan charcoal filter
  • adds minerals
  • absorbs unwanted taste/odour
  • BPA free
  • leak proof

Indication: Water Filter/Infuser

Direction for use: For the Infuser: Prepare your ingredients (fruits/herbs etc), fill your bottle with them (without the charcoal) put the top on, then shake and enjoy. For the water filter: Pop in the filter: The bottle is specially designed to hold the Binchotan charcoal securely in place. Simply drop, squeeze, tilt and lock, to prevent it moving inside the bottle. The charcoal is an organic product, so the thickness can vary. PLEASE NOTE: The important thing is that the charcoal locks in place, even if it appears to be only barely inside the groove. If you force the charcoal into the space, you can cause the bottle to crack. Your charcoal is ready to use. Simply fill your bottle/carafe with drinking tap water and wait for the charcoal to filter impurities from the water. Leaving it overnight is ideal, but you will taste the difference after just one hour. Then, enjoy great tasting water!


Sku: BBL4506
Vendor: Black+Blum

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