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Ecozone Magnoball 2 Pieces

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Ecozone Magnoball

anti-limescale is a maintenance product for your washing machine and dishwasher that can help to show the effects of limescale removal in the wash process after around 5 washes.

A neat invention and design, its soft spherical casing hosts two Magnets inside, so all you need to do is simply pop the Ecozone Magnoball as it is into the drum of the washing machine or the shelf of the dishwasher, a fabulous reusable solution that can be used in every cycle below 60 degrees.

Non-toxic & septic tank is safe.

At Ecozone we create and innovate powerful home cleaning, maintenance solutions, and products with honest and clean formulas to provide consumers with sustainable alternatives to all conventional household cleaners as we believe homes should be safe, clean, and healthy places for people (and animals) to flourish.

How to use: Washing Machines: Place the Magnoball in the drum of your washing machine in every cycle alongside your clothes and detergent.Dishwashers: Place the Magnoball in the cutlery drawer of your dishwasher in every cycle alongside your cutlery, dishes & cookware, etc, and usual dishwashing detergents.

Suitable for use in all washing machines and dishwashers.

To be used alongside your normal detergent in every wash. Do not use in tumble dryers, or on drying cycles. Do not use on wash cycles above 60° C.

Ingredients: Magnets and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer).

Sku: EZ0061
Vendor: Ecozone

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