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Instant Freeze Dried Decaf Coffee 100g

Product Description
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Instant Freeze Dried Decaf Coffee

A toasty and intense blend with a clean finish and a rich aroma.

Organically decaffeinated using the CO2 & Spring Water method.

From roasting to decaffeination and freeze-drying, all our Coffees are brought to your morning with entirely natural processes, so you can wake up to a zingier cup with a smooth, full-bodied flavour.

All our Coffees, whether roast & ground or instant, are made with Fairtrade Coffee Beans.

Once you’ve drunk all your Coffee, why not use the jar to store pencils, paintbrushes and other precious things?

Clipper products are made with Pure Natural Ingredients.

We use only the highest-quality sources, add nothing artificial. No wonder they taste so good.

Clipper products are sourced and made with a clear conscience.

Imported ingredients, blended and packed in the UK.

  • a toasty and intense blend with a clean finish and a rich aroma
  • organically decaffeinated using the CO2 & spring water method
  • are made with fairtrade Coffeee beans
  • use only the highest-quality sources
  • are made with pure natural ingredients

Indication: To enjoy it at any time of the day

Direction for use: Add one heaped desert spoon per cup to any coffee maker and pour water that has been boiled and slightly cooled.

Ingredients: freeze dried organic instant decaffeinated Coffeee, Coffeee oil (0.1%)

Sku: CW5534
Vendor: Clipper

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