Japanese Instant Wakame Flakes Dried Sea Vegetable 25g

Brand Name: Clearspring

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SKU: CS6218


Japanese Instant Wakame Flakes Dried Sea Vegetable

Wakame, with its tender dark green fronds, has a pleasing mild flavour and is versatile and easy to use in soups, salads, and vegetable dishes.

For delicious Wakame in a second, try Clearspring Instant Wakame Flakes the convenient way to add the delicious taste and nutrition of wakame sea vegetable to your food.

Known in Japan as fueru wakame or ‘expanding wakame’, the product contains nothing but top quality wakame.

The flakes are made by a simple process where the wakame is blanched for a few seconds before being dried and packed.

Clearspring Wakame is Undaria pinnatifida, a Brown seaweed, cultivated and dried in Japan which turns bright green when soaked.

Clearspring’s Sea Vegetables, also known as the nutritional powerhouse from the sea, includes carefully selected mineral-rich, low-calorie, and delicious Seaweeds such as Arame, Wakame, Kombu and Nori.

Used as a gelling agent with our Agar Sea vegetable flakes or used to elevate a variety of dishes from soups and stir-fries to traditional Japanese sushi.

Due to the nature of this product, this pack may contains a trace amount of fish, mollusks and/or crustaceans.

Guidance from food safety authorities suggests limiting the consumption of Hijiki to 5g dry weight per week.

Sea vegetables are naturally rich in iodine.

All our products have a distinctive flavour.

We never use any artificial additives or add refined sugars.

Our passion is to show you just how delicious and abundant a plant-based diet can be, not only how it tastes, but also how it keeps us healthy and thriving.

Our products make a valuable contribution to sustainable agriculture, by supporting organic farmers and artisan food producers. Through enriching the soil and caring for the eco-system, we are protecting the world that we pass on to our children."

  • contains top-quality wakame
  • harvested by hand
  • a delicious and nutritious food
  • for an authentic Japanese taste
  • for delicious wakame in a second

Indication: To enrich all your Japanese style recipes

Direction for use: Superb in soups and stews or simply soak and add to salads

Ingredients: dried wakame sea vegetable (undaria pinnatifida)

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