Kala Namak Indian Black Salt 100g

Brand Name: Steenbergs

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SKU: SB5157


Traditional Kala Namak Indian Black Salt 

Although called a black salt, Kala Namak is actually a dark purple-pink in colour when ground and darker in its' coarse format.

Indian black salt has a faintly sulphurous and smokey flavour which disappears during the cooking process. Unsurprisingly, kala namak is the best salt for use in Indian cuisine, especially North Indian cooking, and is traditionally used in making salt blends like chaat masala, potato chaat or chaat puri, or to make Indian squash curry. Why not try and make vegan poached eggs with it! These culinary salts cover a range of flavour profiles that complement different styles of cuisine.

Alternative names are black salt, kala loon, kala namak and sanchal. Kala namak is a true rock salt, found in large large halite deposits formed through evaporation of ancient seas and is mined from locations in the Pakistani Himalayas. It is then imported into India where it is converted to kala namak by heating to around 900C in the presence of natural reductive agents (usually either gum Arabic - Vachellia nilotica - or Salsola stocksii) until it melts, then it is cooled, stored and aged. The final kala namak consists mainly of sodium chloride, with trace impurities of sodium sulphate, iron sulphide and hydrogen sulphide.

The sodium chloride gives kala namak its saltiness, the iron sulphide the purple-pink colour and the sulphur compounds the distinctive sulphurous volcanic flavour. Kala namak or Indian black salt is part of Steenbergs range of culinary salts and flavoured salts, which are sourced from Peru through to India via Europe.

  • Kosher certified
  • Recyclable glass bottle
  • Vegan

Ingredients: 100% Kala Namak Salt

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