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Organic Breakfast Rooibos Tea 40 bags

Product Description
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Breakfast Rooibos Tea

Full-bodied, invigorating and naturally caffeine free tea that grows in south Africa’s remote Cedarberg mountains.

Gently hydrating and low in tannin, it has long been valued for its natural goodness.

Made in the fresh mountain air, our superior grade Rooibos is harvested by hand on organic certified farms.

We carefully select all our ingredients for purity and flavour and are committed to environmentally sustainable practices.

A bright and satisfying first cup and throughout the day.

The tea bags are folded and stitched, contain no plastic, and are staple-free.

The dragonfly is our muse, inspires, dazzles, and delights us, an ancient symbol of purity, vitality, and harmony, dragonflies love sunshine, warmth, and clear, pure water, we believe the same elements are required for creating a truly fine cup.

At Dragonfly, we are a British family company with a passion for sharing authentic, delicious, and often rare teas with tea lovers and tea explorers alike.

Rooted in generations of tea craftsmanship, our quest for quality and love of tea culture takes us all over the world.

We were among the first to bring a string of now much-loved green, white, rooibos, and spiced specialty teas to the UK market many years ago, and continue to champion the joys and benefits of the great tea traditions.

As a small family company in love with tea, we want to be as sustainable, equitable, and environmentally friendly as possible.

We are in constant dialogue with our partners, maintaining high levels of quality and transparency, ensuring sustainable methods of tea cultivation and processing, and encouraging the preservation of artisanal tea-making techniques.

  • full-bodied and invigorating tea
  • gently hydrating and low in tannin
  • our rooibos is harvested by hand
  • valued for its natural goodness
  • is a naturally caffeine-free tea
  • Direction for use: Infuse in freshly boiled water for 3-4 minutes. Delicious with or without milk

    Ingredients: organically grown rooibos tea

    Sku: DT0428

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