Organic Chilli Red Nº60 Plant-Based Hair Colour 100g

Brand Name: Ayluna
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SKU: AYL0600


Chilli Red Nº 60 Plant-Based Hair Colour

Marron Red is especially suitable for light blonde to brown hair.

Ayluna Plant-based hair dye surrounds every single hair by a shining glaze of selected Organic Plant Extracts, in combination with the natural hair colour expressive, lively shades, and gives shine, and volume are created.

AyLuna Plant-based hair dye has no impact on the natural hair structure.

Our Plant-based hair dye is gentle and long-lasting.

Suitable for grey coverage.

Free from ammonia, peroxides, resorcinol, PEGs, scents, and preservatives.

Ayluna is inspired by oriental well-being tradition.

The sensual and gentle body and hair care with a natural scent is organic vegan and halal and thus connects orient and occident.

Ayluna connects the best of both worlds: the sensual well-being tradition of an oriental hammam and the gentle naturalness quality of German natural cosmetics.

The name Ayluna whose name means moonlight, Ay, the Turkish word for moon harmoniously combines with the western Luna and refers to the oriental-European encounter.

Ayluna combines knowledge and experience, nature and culture within its standards of quality, fair trade production, and with local farmers.

As Ayluna was inspired by love, it is not surprising that these special natural cosmetics do not only touch the skin but also heart and soul.

  • color, shine and volume for the hair
  • hair dye gentle and long-lasting
  • for light blonde to brown hair
  • 100% bio, vegan and halal
  • free from ammonia and peroxides


Direction for use: 

Step 1 Prepare the hair. In order for the plant-based hair dye to attach ideally to the hair, wash your hair with a natural cosmetic shampoo. If you nearly always use conventional hair care products, the use of our Ayluna Ghassoul products is recommended so that eventual deposits are removed and the colour can attach optimally. Do not use any care products such as conditioner before dyeing.

Step 2 Mixing. Place the Ayluna plant-based hair dye in a bowl. Slowly mix with hot water to a viscous cream (you will need approx. 300 ml for a package). The dye mixture should be creamy, but not drip. Protect your clothes with a hairdressing cape or an old towel.

Step 3 Application. When the dye has cooled down to a temperature that is comfortable for you, let’s get started. Using a paint brush, apply Ayluna plant-based hair dye strand by strand and evenly onto all the hair. Always start at the hairline. You can also »knead« the dye in, in order to cover the whole area. Done? Now put on the covering cap and cover it with a »towel turban«. Remove any dye residues from face, ears, and neck.

Step 4 Let it soak. The optimal process time for the Ayluna plant-based hair dye is between 15 minutes and two hours. By dyeing the test strand you already know how much time you need for your hair. The general rule applies: very light and/or damaged hair needs a shorter time, whereas thick, dark hair and a healthy hair structure probably need more time. Make sure that the plant-based hair dye does not dry during process time.

Step 5 Rinsing. Now rinse the plant-based hair dye out completely with plenty of warm water. While doing so, please do not use shampoo or any care products. Within 48 hours, the plant-based hair dye can develop its fullest potential. A possible tinge of green after dyeing will disappear within this time

Ingredients: indigofera tinctoria (indigo)*, lawsonia inermis (henna)*, cassia auriculata*, emblica officinalis (amla)*, rubia cardifolia (madder)*, trigonella foenum-graecum (fenugreek)*, bacopa monnieri (brahmi)*, matricaria chamomila (chamomile)* * = aus kba

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