Organic Japanese Barley Miso Unpasteurised Jar 300g

Brand Name: Clearspring
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SKU: CS0070


Japanese Barley Miso Unpasteurised Jar

Also known as Mugi Miso, it is the traditional miso of rural Japan.

This superb miso is made by traditional methods and is fully aged in cedarwood kegs for 1 to 2 years.

It adds a rich flavour and concentrated goodness to sauces, baked dishes, soups and beans.

It also makes an outstanding miso soup.

Clearspring's Miso range is a selection of the finest authentic and traditionally slow-fermented Japanese Miso.

Staple food and seasoning enjoyed daily throughout Japan, with an abundance of umami. It is made from fermented Soya beans, Rice or Barley, Koji culture and Sea salt.
Miso has a unique, naturally salty flavour and aroma which varies depending on the fermentation time, temperature and the length of the ageing process.

It takes years to perfect the balance of miso which results in a sweet, earthy, savoury and fruity product.

All our miso is made to traditional recipes with the best possible organic ingredients but since miso is a live product the taste, colour and consistency will vary slightly depending on the region and the season.

Miso is a live product and ongoing fermentation may cause the lid to bulge. It will still be safe to consume. Harmless white yeasts may develop from exposure to air.

  • traditional miso of rural Japan
  • aged in cedarwood kegs
  • 100%organic ingredients
  • with fermented Soya beans and Koji
  • slow-fermented

Indication: To enrich all your Japanese style recipes

Direction for use: Miso is a very versatile seasoning and can be used to flavour soups, stews and bean dishes. Also delicious for gravies, dips, spreads and pickles. It makes wonderful dressing for salads, noodles, grains & beans, tofu, vegetable protein and grilled dishes

Ingredients: cultured barley* (38%), whole soya beans* (35%), sea salt, water

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