Raw Cane Sugar 500g

Brand Name: Equal Exchange
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SKU: EQX0001


Organic Raw Cane Sugar

The natural juice is pressed from sun-ripened Sugar Cane then filtered and crystallized.

No further refining is necessary to produce this free-flowing granulated sugar, suitable for all purposes.

Equal Exchange Organic Raw Cane Sugar is one of the best quality raw sugars available.

This Sugar is 100% organic and natural.

The co-operative Asociación Agrícola Cañera del Sur has 330 members and is located in Iturbe, Paraguay, a region historically known for Sugar Cane production.

What makes this Sugar stand out is the fact that it is a fair trade product.

  • the natural juice is pressed from sun-ripened sugar cane then filtered and crystallized
  • this sugar is 100% organic and natural
  • with fair trade certificate
  • is one of the best quality raw sugars available
  • suitable for all purposes

Indication: Can be used as a spread or filling, as well in cooking and baking

Direction for use: Pour one or two spoons to your favorite recipes

Ingredients: sugar cane

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