Scrubbing Stone for the Body Blue 90g

Brand Name: Pierre de Plaisir

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SKU: PP8248


Blue Scrubbing Stone for the Body - 1 stone per pack

Scrubbing stone is an innovative product for body and face scrubbing and massage, handmade of natural clay, which combines the advantages of Kessa glove and volcanic pumice. Incredible effects visible after the first use.

You just need to soak the stone in water, pour some liquid soap or cleanser on it and rub a wet body with circular motions. The stone does not get dirty, drip or crumble while in use.

Very durable and resistant to damage. Does not wear down, scratch away or change its structure. In order to refresh the stone, you can heat it for 30 minutes in the oven in 250 degrees.

Quickly removes all kinds of skin discolouration as well as unpleasant kitchen smell (garlic, onion, fish).

Gentle also for baby feet and hands, smoothes dry heels and helps to remove marker, pen or glue stains on hands.

It is a natural, beautiful and original decoration of the surrounding. It can be exposed in any place in a bathroom — on a sink, bath or on a shelf in a shower — thanks to that it is always at hand and ready to use.

Scrubs and brightens the skin all over the body

Firms and smoothes thighs and buttocks and enhances the reduction of cellulite and stretch marks

Pleasantly massages and relaxes the body during a treatment

Combines the advantages of Kessa glove and volcanic pumice

Perfectly smoothes thickenings on feet

Softens, smoothes the hand skin and removes dry epidermis

Quickly removes all kinds of skin discolouration (soil, grass, grease, ink, beets, nuts, fruit)

Effectively removes unpleasant kitchen smell (garlic, onion, fish)

DURABLE – does not wear down, scratch away or change its structure.

ECOLOGICAL – 100% natural clay without chemical additives.

AESTHETIC – it is a beautiful decorative element. It does not get dirty, soak or crumble in use.

UNIVERSAL – it can be used with any soap or face cleanser.

SAFE – foam present during a treatment makes the stone care gentle and safe for skin. Scrubbing stone is dermatologically tested.

Soft scrubbing – face, back, shoulders, chest, hands, stomach.

Standard scrubbing – thighs, calves, buttocks, feet, hands

It is recommended to use the stone no more than 2–3 times a week. It should not be used on irritated skin.


Indication: Scrubbing Stone for Body

Direction for use: Scrubbing stone can be used in a few ways: 1) Pour little amount of any liquid soap, preferably natural, on a wet stone and rub the wet skin of selected body areas with circular motions; then rinse under running water and gently dry the skin. 2) Use wet scrubbing stone on soapy body parts. 3) Before the first use fill the stone with any liquid soap, preferably natural. Because of that during a few first scrubbings it will release soft foam. In order to do that, pour 20–30 ml of liquid soap on a dry scrubbing stone and leave it to absorb for about 8 hours.

Ingredients: 100% natural clay

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