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Rosehip Seed Vegetable Oil

Product Description
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Our Rosehip Seed Vegetable Oil is nourishing, moisturising, and regenerating, is rich in Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids, and contains Vitamins C, E, and F.

Perfects mature and dry skin types, use in its purest form, or add essential oils of your choice to help restore and regenerate the skin.

The "Wonder Oil" is great for use in all sorts of skincare.

Ideal for a variety of cosmetic uses, including creams and creams or lotions for the soothing of scars, burns, and other skin blemishes.

Can be used as it on the skin or in a cream or lotion.

Renowned as being one of the best rejuvenating and regenerating ingredients available.

Rosehip is effective in the treatment of scars and while it's suitable for all skin types it's especially recommended for mature, damaged, and dry skin.

A wonderful oil to incorporate into any skincare regime.

Use as a Carrier Oil to dilute your Essential Oils, incorporate them into your skincare regime, and use them as a natural cleanser, makeup remover, and all-natural moisturiser.

Great for use in massage

Amphora Aromatics provides nut and seed-derived Vegetable Oils of the highest quality.

Although the properties of these unscented Oils are often ignored, their benefits are considerable.

Our Vegetable Oils are cold pressed, using as little heat as possible for extraction.

The concept of cold-pressing is the most efficient and natural method of extracting Oilfrom Seeds.

Oils produced in this way have a low peroxide value (PV).

More of the natural nutrients in the Oils, such as essential fatty acids and vitamins, are preserved.

The filtering process will extract the waxes, remnants of seed husks, and other sediments out of the unfiltered Oil.

The resulting cold-pressed, filtered oil is a beautiful and clear oil.

Amphora Aromaticsoffers one of the most comprehensive ranges of Pure Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Skincare products in the UK.

Founded in 1984, our years of experience mean we are the natural choice for all things Aromatherapy.

Combining traditional formulas with exotic herbs and oils, the company's philosophy is to create high-quality products at very competitive prices and this is the secret to its success.

Providing specific beauty or wellbeing.

Instruction of use:

Apply a small amount into the palm of the hands and gently massage over the face to help cleanse, remove impurities, and remove makeup (gently wash off with warm water or a wet flannel).

Massage into areas of skin affected by scarring or irritation.


rosa canina fruit oil

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