Spring Water in 100% Plant Bottle 500ml

Brand Name: Eco for Life
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SKU: EFL0007


Spring Water in Plant Based Compostable Bottle.

Our plastic free bottle does not contain PET, BPA or phthalates ensuring no hormone & toxic chemicals in your water! They are fantastic to refill so more than a single use bottle!

Our Spring Water is bottled at source in Herefordshire, United Kingdom.

No harmful toxins released into the atmosphere when incinerated.

If composting is not an option, incineration is a great alternative, gives a clean burn and produces good heat for waste to energy facilities. The bottles can be composted and returned to nature, great for the environment.


As we know oil is a finite resource and is running out, PET bottles which are made from oil are now seen as not only bad for the environment, but also our well being. The complete alternative is Eco For Life, the bottles made completely from plants, yes that’s right plants; a completely sustainable resource.

We have created a 100% plant based bottle from a substance known as PLA (Polylactic acid) a substance derived from sugar starch, commonly found in sugar based crops, we currently use corn.

There are huge benefits associated to our eco friendly plastic free plant based bottle:

As crops grow they consume harmful greenhouse gases such as CO2

Only 0.04% of the annual global crop is used to produce PLA, this means there is little to no impact on world food pricing and as demand grows we still won’t put a significant strain on the sustainability of crops unlike some other methods of producing plastic alternatives that could have disastrous effects on our ecological systems.

All “Eco For Life” bottles are certified GM free.

The Eco for Life oil free bottles can be composted into a product that can be used as a valuable soil supplement, the bottles undergo a two-step degradation process. First, the moisture and heat in the compost pile attacks the polymer chains and splits them apart, creating smaller polymers and finally lactic acid, a fully sustainable source. They can also be sent to Waste for Energy sites where they produce a high temperature and burn without releasing pollutant or can be returned back to a polymer.

All Eco For Life PLA bottles are helping to make a change for the better, not only for you but also the environment. Unlike traditional PET that never truly goes away as it is generally landfilled, discarded or down cycled to make more PET, as you have just read above our bottles have numerous environmentally friendly end of life options which are all positive.

Also a major step forward in the on-the-go bottled beverage sector is the fact our bottles can be refilled, why? Well, because our bottles don’t contain any artificial chemicals they can safely be refilled, you can also see the what you are drinking every time, they are great to hold and very sturdy. We are removing the tag of single use!

By simply stemming the tide of non-biodegradable plastic waste we might finally be able to make amends for generations of ignorance and indifference to the huge environmental damage we are doing to this place called home.

Eco For Life biodegradable bottled water won’t undo what has already been done – but it may just help to stem the tide of plastic pollution and offer a better future for those we love and the future they have.

Make the change, buy and drink Eco For Life.

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