Superfoodies Nut Mylk and Sprout Bag

Brand Name: Superfoodies

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SKU: SF8538


Nut Mylk Bag and Sprout Bag

A handy nut milk bag that allows you to prepare a delicious range of nut milk and juices, as well as sprout seeds, at home.

Made from lightweight, yet durable Nylon.

Has a handy drawstring to help get all the juice out of the pulp.

Easy to clean, thus hygienic to use.

Use to prepare almond milk, hemp milk, and vegetable or fruit juices and to sprout seeds such as alfalfa, broccoli, peas, millet, chickpeas, coriander, lentils, leeks, quinoa, radish, radish, beetroot, red cabbage, wheat, bean sprouts, fennel and sunflower.

Making nut milk or juices, and sprout seeds, at home milk bag, is extremely easy.

Nut milk and hemp milk are lactose-free, making them ideal alternatives to standard milk.

Sprouts are the germinated seeds of young plants they are delicious in a variety of dishes, snacks, and drinks, including salads, smoothies, breakfast cereals, lunch dishes, or as a garnish for meat and fish.

Superfoods provide total nourishment for mind, body, and soul, from only the finest places on earth.
It is food in all its purity and that is grown entirely naturally.

This is food the way nature intended: packed with nutrients to give our cells what they require at the most fundamental level, for energy, balance, beauty, and a trim body.

These 100% natural has products high concentration of natural antibodies, these antibodies form the plant’s immune system, this is why these berries, beans, fruits, and seeds have been harnessed since time began for use as medicine and super fuel for the body, And by consuming superfoods, you’ll support your own immune system to help keep your body clean, healthy, and toxin-free.

Superfoods help you to recover balance in both mind and body.
Above all, they provide the energy required for optimum performance.

At Superfoodies our passion is to develop the nutritionally best food products in the world.

And we want them to taste good, too.

  • made from lightweight, durable nylon
  • easy to clean, thus hygienic to use
  • nut milk and sprout seeds, at home
  • extremely easy to use
  • 100% ingredients natural

    Direction for use: Making nut milk or juices using a nut milk bag is extremely easy. Simply place some nuts or vegetables and/or fruit into a blender, pour in a little water and blend until fine. Next, place the nut milk bag into a large bowl and pour the mixture into the bag. Seal the bag using the chord provided and squeeze the liquid into a cup. After cleaning your nut milk bag, retain the leftover pulp – this can be thrown on the compost heap or dried in your dehydrator to make a wholesome powder that’s delicious in smoothies To sprout seeds, place 8 teaspoons of seeds into the milk bag, immerse in water and leave overnight. Remove the bag of seeds from the water and rinse thoroughly under running water. Now hang the bag of seeds above the sink and rinse every 8 to 12 hours. After approx. 3 to 5 days (depending on the seeds used) you’ll have some delicious sprouts that are ready for immediate consumption. After every use, turn the nut milk bag inside out, remove the remains and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Hang to dry

    Ingredients: nylon

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