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Traditional Purifying Black Sticks

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Traditional Purifying Black Tibetan Incense

According to legend, this Tibetan incense would have contained dust from Buddha's teeth. The Nyingma monastery called Meendoling in Tibet developed this incense which contains all the ingredients of the original Surpoe Meendoling recipe. It brings peace of mind.

Handcrafted and traditional natural incense for the home, meditation, and harmony.

Traditional Purifying Black Tibetan incense can help you relax and fight stress effectively.

Burning Tibetan incense in your house promotes serenity, mental calm.

Great for puriying and cleansing.

Their perfumed and woody fragrances will enchant you.

Incense brings peace and serenity, is used for meditation, offerings as well as on a daily basis.

Selected from the largest monasteries, the incenses are composed exclusively of Plants, Roots, Gums, Natural Resins.

They are produced in India, Nepal, or Bhutan.

Natural Frankincense must not contain essential oil or synthetic substance.

All religions and philosophies have used incense: perfume = by smoke.

Smoke is the unspeakable link that connects the visible world to the invisible worlds.

We are extremely rigorous in our selections of Tibetan incense, demanding the quality of manufacture and the care taken in the packaging.

Some Tibetan incense is used for Buddhist meditation, others are specifically dedicated to specific practices related to Tibetan Buddhism.

Our Tibetan incenses are all 100% natural.

Discover the secrets of traditional Tibetan incense.

  • contains quality medicinal herbs
  • with a rich woody fragrances
  • 100% ingredients natural
  • for the home, meditation, harmony
  • produced in India, Nepal, or Bhutan

Indication: For meditation and relaxation

Direction for use: Light a stick and enjoy your best moments

Ingredients: 100% ingredients natural

Sku: FAL0014

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