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Wheatgerm Oil Pure 100ml

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Wheatgerm oil is an incredibly nourishing oil, rich in powerful plant-nutrients that prevent premature ageing and promote smoother, younger looking skin, as well as help heal scar tissue and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Wheatgerm oil is made from the ‘germ’ of wheat, which is rich in protein, essential fatty acids, vitamin E and a plethora of other micro-nutrients valuable to skin health. In particular, wheatgerm oil promotes new skin cell growth, protects cells from environmental and sun damage and improves circulation. Because of the oils nourishing and protective nature it is used effectively to relive dermatitis.

Wheatgerm oil is a popular choice for massage, aromatherapy blends and in skincare products.
As vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidant, wheatgerm oil is often used with carrier oils with shorter shelf-lives to prevent rancidity, such as sweet almond.

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